Data is the life blood of your organisation, whether it be your CRM data, Financial data or your website analytics, the data that is collected by your business is important. You need to know who is accessing it, when its being used and making sure that the critical data is not exposed.

Most data within organisations is stored and organised in databases that store this data effectively for use. These databases are the true core of the intellectual property of your business and customer data that needs protection. There are a few simple steps needed to achieve this:


  • Know where your data is and what is accessing it.

  • Build a Data Classification Policy.

  • Define Critical and Important Data.

  • Identify Data that is presented and/or captured externally.

  • Encrypt the Data that is important.

  • Incorporate Role Based Access for data management.

  • Incorporate Database Activity Monitoring.

  • Monitor the access to see if there are any variances.

TWR Security assists organisations with all the necessary steps to ensure that the databases that store your valuable data are secure, managed and are only accessible by authorised applications and personnel. We have numerous different solutions that can assist your business in these areas.