Applications are the core interface where our staff and users interact with and within our business. They allow us to store manage and access related information to allow us to get our jobs done… Most large businesses in Australia have numerous applications that are used each day to perform relevant tasks.

Whilst we all have an appreciation of the design creativity and innovation of Application Developers application security is typically not top of mind when they are coding their world changing application.

Appknox is a plug and play solution that addresses the whole nine yards of mobile app security which means even the most complex details are detected and presented to you. It is a 4 part security solution comprising of:

  1. Static Application Security Testing (SAST) – A fully automated security test that checks for basic configuration issues in code and the application.
  2. Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) – A deeper dive into the app’s transport layer that checks for loopholes in communication between the application and the server.
  3. Application Program Interface Testing (APIT) – Complete server side testing for all mobile app components.
  4. Manual Application Security Testing (MAST) – Introduction of ethical hackers to think like hackers and plug loopholes that outsmart the automated system.