In today’s ever changing world of Cyber Security, organisations are faced with a myriad of solutions and offerings. It is TWR’s stated mission to only offer our customers best of breed technologies and solutions.

Our Solution Offerings embrace the entire scope of Cyber Security technology requirements. The selection of best of breed technologies is a dynamic process and requires constant review and research. Yesterday’s top solution is often today’s vulnerability.

TWR does extensive research in both technology and business application to its supported solution offerings. We ensure that the solutions are proven, capable and reliable in the current and future markets. We extensively test all solutions we offer for operational efficiency and ease of management to ensure our clients see consistent return on investment for our clients.

Our focuses on evaluating technology solutions are:

  • Meet and exceed current market capabilities

  • Solution has a minimum of a 5 year ongoing development lifecycle from the vendor

  • Easy to Manage and Operate

  • Integrates appropriately with common systems and other security controls.